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Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed + FREE Waterproof Protective Inner Linner - Covers the Memory Foam Worth £25

XL Size 139cm

Memory foam dog bed with quality fabric and reversible inner slab, both sides of the inner slab has the quality fabric. The design allows for much more room inside than a traditional bolster walled basket bed, so now bigger dogs can enjoy the extra space.

This bed offers the benefit of draught excluding bolster walls that are also perfect as head rests, and the inner memory foam slab is also removable, and reversible, it has a drop front entrance for easy access.


This bed also comes in a Size 4 extra large sizing, ideal for bigger dogs for for your dogs to share.

The bed is hand made in the UK



  • 100% Memory Foam 3" Thick Slab and bolster outer walls 
  • Molds to your dogs shape, ideal for older dogs 
  • Free Waterproof Inner Linner - Others companies sell this as an extra from £25
  • Covers are removeable for machine washing at 40 degrees

Made In United Kingdom

XL Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed + Reversible Slab XL Size 139cm

  • Internal 45" x 25" or 107cm x 56cm Will Suit: Larger Breeds - Great Dane 

    External 54" x 32" or 139cm x 82cm
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